ESD Travel Softball League Weekends

Hosted by:
Yankton Girls Softball Association
Yankton, SD

ESD League Weekend Games – April 27-28, 2019

Teams Entered for April 27-28 Weekend Play:

U10 – Yankton Fury Gazelles – 2 or 3 both days.

U12 Hartford Hot Shots – 2 Sunday.


Registration Form – 2019 ESD Weekend Entry Form

2019 ESD Teams:

U10 – Yankton Fury Gazelles – Cole – 605-661-1567

U12 – SD Premier 06 – Michael – 605-359-5170

U12 – Hartford Hot Shots – Eric – 201-7907

U16 – Roys Force – Cris – 605-880-3380


ESD League – If you sign up to play on the league weekend date(s), you are considered to be in the ESD league. There are no league fees, just the per game fee. There is no league tournament at the end of the year. There are no regularly scheduled games during the week in the summer, however, if you want to schedule games with the teams that play in the league weekend date(s), you may do so in order to get your 5 league games in per player for State. Your team can be in more than one league

League Weekend Rules:

  • 75 min. time limit
  • Games may end in a tie
  • Open substitution
  • Pay for the number of games you want and for either Saturday and/or Sunday games.
  • Pending on number of teams and how many games each teams wants – you may
  • be required to play an older/or younger team to get all games in.
  • $35.00 per game you want. Fee covers the umpire pay ($30.00 per game), game balls and field preparation-dragging, raking, chalk, etc… Each team will be notified when a schedule is done and will be posted on and/or Facebook:
  • Please send in your fees with your registration. The host will be responsible at these weekends to pay the umpires.
  • ASA requires 5 league games for each girl who participates in the SD ASA State tournament. Keep your own scorebook for your records. They could be requested at the State Tournament. Any team participating in these games will be considered to be in the ESD Travel League. If your team can not make any of these games but would still like to be part of the league let us know and we will add you to the list so you can schedule games against other league teams and fulfill your SD ASA requirements.
  • This is not a tournament, these are considered league games. ASA rules will be followed. Exception we will allow you to bat everyone and allow open substitution. 10U – 5 runs per inning, 12U – 7 runs per inning. 75 min game time or 7 innings. Games can end in tie and in 10 & 12u Div if home team is behind by more than run limit when time runs out game will be over. Since these are league games and the ideal is to get girls game time the run ahead rule will be left up to the coaches at the time whether to continue or end the game.

Contact Info: Dave – 660-1544 or or

Below is the 2018 Team Contacts information for ESD League teams. To update your contact information please email us at

2018 ESD Contact List  (updated 6-13-18)